Porch furniture for log cabins

Porch furniture for log cabins

If you happen to be a happy owner of a log cabin, where you have your little and hidden oasis where you can enjoy the clean air, the silence of the outdoors and the activities nature offers, you will surely want to be able to indulge yourself just a little bit of commodity your regular home provides. So, if your log cabin has a porch, ideal for those lazy afternoons in the tranquil, spring sun, we have few tips for you on how to choose your outdoor/garden furniture – log cabin style.

Porches are amazing – they are your living room outside of the house and they make gardens even more relaxing.  Porches let you become almost a part of the landscape without leaving your home, and, if the climate allows it, you can do this for two, even three seasons of the year. What’s more, the nature around you is tamed, it is under your control and you can manipulate it to accommodate your needs and wishes, all from the comfort of your rocking chair, placed strategically on the porch so you can be amazed by the orange sunset. Of course, you will want to enjoy sunsets or sunrises for the maximum amount of time, just like your afternoon naps on a comfy sofa. But, you will not be able to relax on a cheap, uncomfortable patio chair. Your patio furniture has to be comfy, but durable; it has to be able to resist the elements, but to have a good level of comfort too. Here are few tips on what to look out for when choosing your outdoor furniture for your log cabin.Back-porch2

First of all, insist on quality. As the old saying goes: „I am not that rich to buy low-quality things “. Avoid furniture of low quality – while you may think that you have to spend more money on your indoor furnishings, the opposite is actually more important. Spend a little bit more on your outdoor furniture and ensure that the sun, rain, wind and insects will not tear up your garden sofas in a short period of time. And, of course, take good care of your patio furniture, storing it in a shed or a garage during the harsh winter months.

When it comes to materials, log cabin porch furniture comes in many different variations. You can choose from wood, plastic, aluminum, steel. While the most obvious chance, on a first glance, for a log cabin would be to go for wooden furniture, you might be surprised how well steel tables and chairs with just a few touches made of wood can fit in beautifully with your cedar floor boards. One more thing to take notice is the level of maintenance because wooden and steel furniture will demand a bit more care as opposed to the plastic and aluminum one; because wood and steel will both need periodical paint overs so as to protect them from insects and rust, respectively.


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